Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies IPC


The J-STD-001ES Certified IPC Specialist course is a comprehensive, knowledge-based course that certifies students to the methods and procedures presented in IPC-STD-001 standard. Designed for experienced operators and inspectors, the course assists in interpreting the standard through lecture, demonstration and practical instruction. The standard describes materials, methods and verification criteria for producing high quality solder interconnections. The standard emphasizes process control and sets industry-consensus requirements for a broad range of electronic products.

The J-STD-001ES Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) course provides detailed information and materials to prepare instructor candidates to deliver Certified IPC Application Specialist (CIS) training. This course is not a beginner soldering class. So all candidates must have hand-soldering experience.

Topics to be covered in the training course:

  • Module 1: Introduction/Policy and Procedures/J-STD-001
  • Module 2: Wires and Terminals
  • Module 3: Through-Hole Technology
  • Module 4: Surface Mount Technology
  • Module 5: Inspection Methodology
  • Module 6: Space Applications to J-STD-001

The instructor for this class is a Certified IPC Master Trainer trained to instruct operators, technicians, inspectors, engineers, and trainers. Students will be evaluated on their mastery of the J-STD-001 material through tests that include both open-book and closed book tests. Upon successful completion of the training, students will receive a Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) certificate or Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) certificate.

Prerequisite: Vision Exam

This prerequisite pertains to Module 6 in the Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies IPC and the NASA-STD-8739 series of courses, with the exception of: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control - NASA-STD-8739.7.

All students must meet the following vision test requirements as a prerequisite to training (certification and/or recertification). The vision requirements may be met with corrected vision. Results of the examination shall be maintained and available for review.

Vision Type Requirement
Far Vision Snellen Chart 20/50
Near Vision Jaeger 1 at 35.5cm (14 inches), Reduced Snellen 20/20, or equivalent
Color Vision Ability to distinguish red, green blue, and yellow as prescribed in Dvorine Charts, Ishihara Plates, or AO-HRR Tests

A copy of the vision exam must be forwarded to the NASA Western Region Training Center prior to attending class.

Download the Vision Exam Form