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NASA released their third memo on September 16, 2021. The memo and the web tool apply to the training associated with the NASA Workmanship technical standards and training associated with NASA-adopted industry voluntary consensus standards (refer to NASA-STD-8739.6 for a listing of these standards).

To access the tool, please visit: Workmanship Training. Within 5-10 business days after submitting the information, an evaluation in PDF format will be delivered to the email addresses provided in the web tool. The evaluation needs to be signed by the submitter AND their supervisor then sent to FAQs are available here.


For training and extensions outside the NASA standards above, the NASA Workmanship Standards Program is recommending Programs, Projects, and NASA Centers apply a two-prong, risk-based approach for managing personnel Workmanship training and risks associated with expired training credentials. In order to keep your current extension we are requiring you provide us with your risk assessment. The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  1. Amount of time since last training course. (< 2 years = no additional risk, 2-3 years = slight risk, 3-3.5 years = moderate risk, >3.5 years = high risk)
  2. Number of training cycles, or re-training courses, achieved by student. (4 or more cycles= no additional risk, 2 or 3 cycles = slight risk, 1 or 2 cycles = moderate risk, 0 cycles = high risk)
  3. Gaps in performing duties in the role of operator or inspector since last training. (< 1 month = no additional risk, 2 to 6 months = slight risk, 6 months to 1 year = moderate risk, > 1 year = high risk)

NOTE: Programs and Projects are cautioned to ensure that you are adequately vetting training credential expiration dates for awareness and risk management when the credential expiration indicates a long absence from the relevant duties (e.g., manufacturing processes, inspections) rather than an inability to acquire retraining due to COVID-19 related restrictions.


If you require an extension for your training please provide the projects/programs being supported and Risk Assessment to to start the process. We have team members ready to help process training extension requests.

Please continue to visit the site for updates as the situation continues to evolve as well as our current schedule of classes.

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The NASA/JPL Western Region Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) offers technical training courses related to the fabrication, assembly, and inspection of flight and ground support hardware.

In addition, numerous courses are taught to assure the safety of NASA hardware. These include, Electrostatic Discharge Control, Cleanroom Fundamentals, Connector Mating and Cleaning, Environmental Chamber operation, Lifting Device Safety and more. The center is located at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.